A well-operating plumbing system is essential to every home. Any plumbing issues, even small leaks, could be a warning sign of a larger problem. Read on to learn about common signs of a plumbing problem in the home.

Signs of a Plumbing Problem: Slow Drains

Slow drains are a clear sign of an issue. A plunger or drain snake will often clear the clog, but if the problem persists, you may be looking at a major plumbing problem.

If only one drain in your home is draining slowly, you may just have a small clog. However, if the drains throughout the home are slow, the main sewer line could be blocked or the lines may be blocked by tree roots that have grown into the plumbing pipes. In either case, it’s best to call a plumber promptly.

Poor Water Flow

For water to flow freely from a faucet, the water pressure must be good. That is why low water flow is an indication of bigger problems. Usually, poor water flow is caused by an issue with the main water line or a leak in the system. Check first to see if the problem is primarily in one faucet or if all water outlets are affected. Hire a plumber to troubleshoot the issue and recommend a course of action.

Noisy Pipes are Signs of a Plumbing Problem

The rattling sound sometimes heard in plumbing after closing the valve is called a “water hammer“. This happens when the water flow from your plumbing suddenly stops or changes direction. The noises are caused by very high water pressure and air cavities in the pipe, or if pipes are not fully secured. Any rattling sounds from plumbing can be a sign of a problem, so it’s important to contact an experienced plumber for advice.

Foul Smell

A lingering foul smell is one of the most obvious signs of a plumbing problem at home. While kitchens and bathrooms have their fair share of bacteria, a good plumbing system should effectively remove waste from the home. Any foul odor from your plumbing system is a telltale sign of a ruptured or blocked vent or sewer line. Failing to resolve this issue may lead to reduced indoor air quality and a damaged foundation.

High Water Bill

Homeowners generally know what to expect from their water bill every month, so an unusually high bill can indicate a plumbing problem in the home. Turn off the water supply from the main valve. If your water meter is still running, then there’s a leak in the mainline. The longer you leave the issue unresolved, the higher your utility bill will climb.

What to Do if You Notice Signs of Plumbing Problems

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs of trouble, contact a professional plumber. A plumber will have the training and experience to diagnose the problem and offer solutions. Plumbing problems can lead to water damage and structural issues in your home so it’s important to have repairs made right away.

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