Most people spend the majority of their time at home. It is important to maintain good air quality. Not only will you feel better, but good air quality will also improve your respiratory health. Read on for 8 effective tips to improve indoor air quality.

Circulate and Filter Air to Improve Indoor Air Quality

If your windows are closed all the time, dust and stale air can quickly become a problem. Your home should have an effective ventilation system. Otherwise, make sure to open the windows and turn on a fan periodically.

House Plants for Indoor Air Quality

House plants are a great source of oxygen, and many plants also remove pollutants, irritants, allergens, and other particles from the air. On top of that, house plants make your home more beautiful. Succulents are especially effective at filtering air, but many types of plants will help.

Take Care of Mold and Water Damage

Mold has a serious effect on indoor air quality. Ignoring a leaking pipe, discolored spot, or hole in the roof can quickly lead to a mold outbreak. If you see signs of mold or water damage in your home, then you should investigate and try to fix the problem immediately. Once you’ve done what you can to remove the mold, call a professional to double-check and eliminate any remaining issues.

Wash and Brush Your Animals to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most cats and dogs shed dander and fur every day. Even for people without allergies, dander and fur can be very irritating. Regular brushing and grooming won’t only improve your indoor air quality, but it will also keep your pet happy and healthy.

Be Mindful of Smoking and Vaping

Tobacco smoke and vapor will stick to your walls, furniture, carpets, and everything else in your home. This will not only make your home smelly over time, but it will add harmful chemicals to the air. Opt to smoke or vape outdoors and ask your guests to also.

Dehumidifiers Improve Indoor Air Quality

The CDC recommends that you keep humidity between 30% and 50% throughout the day. If your home is too humid, then you may face mold and respiratory problems. Humidity is also uncomfortable, so you will find that an inexpensive dehumidifier can improve your family’s health and comfort.

Wash Carpets and Linens

Smoke and other contaminants cling to fabric. Your linens, carpets, upholstered furniture, and other textiles should be regularly shampooed and washed. As a bonus, freshly cleaned carpets and linens look better and last longer.

Check Heating Fixtures and Appliances

If your heater is dusty or contains a clogged filter, then it will have an impact on your indoor air quality. Have your HVAC system serviced, clean the vents, and replace its filters regularly. You should also routinely clean and sanitize your microwave, oven, and other appliances.

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