There are many simple maintenance tasks that you can take care of yourself as a homeowner, and then there are jobs that are better left to professionals. To keep your home in great condition, schedule these professional home maintenance services at least once a year.

Professional Home Maintenance Services for Your HVAC System

Before you start using the air conditioner or furnace each season, schedule HVAC service with a heating and air company. The technician will inspect the equipment, change the filter, and make any adjustments needed for optimal performance. If repairs are needed, check to see if the unit is under warranty.

Water Heater Service

Your water heater will last longer when the sediment is flushed out periodically. Hire a plumber to service your water heater once a year. He or she will inspect the elements of the appliance and flush it to help prevent corrosion of the components.

Gutter Cleaning

Most homes need the gutters cleaned at least twice a year depending on how many trees are around the house. Gutter cleaning can be a DIY task, but not everyone is comfortable working from a ladder. Also, some homes that are more than one level may need a trained professional to safely and effectively clean the gutters.


Like gutter cleaning, many homeowners choose to landscape their own yards and mow their own lawns. On the other hand, your yard may be so large that landscaping work takes up too much time and you would prefer to pay someone else to do it. Maintain the curb appeal of your home by keeping your lawn well-kept and your greenery attractive. Landscaping is one of the professional home services that you might schedule more often than others, as often as every week.

Termite Inspections are Valuable Professional Home Maintenance Services

Yearly termite inspections are professional home services that can save you a lot of money by finding a termite infestation early. Termites can be hard to spot for the average homeowner, so scheduling these inspections will give you peace of mind that termites aren’t destroying your property.

Take care of your home by creating a home maintenance schedule. Read reviews and ask for recommendations when hiring home maintenance professionals.

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