Summer lawn maintenance is required for keeping your grass green and healthy. Fortunately, there are several simple and effective ways to maintain a healthy summer lawn.

How to Maintain a Healthy Summer Lawn

The implementation of a good watering schedule and properly feeding your grass are two main steps for keeping your lawn healthy. Follow these 5 easy steps to maintain a healthy lawn throughout the summer.

Early Morning Watering Schedule

Watering early in the morning allows for deeper absorption because the water doesn’t evaporate quickly in the midday heat. Create a watering schedule that consists of one to two days per week of deep watering rather than shallow daily watering. This is a more efficient method that produces greener, healthier grass throughout the summer. Programming your watering system for earlier in the morning instead of in the evening gives your grass time to dry out throughout the day to prevent fungal diseases from developing.

Grass Blade Length

The length of your grass is critical for its health. Keep the grass blades at least three inches tall by increasing the setting on your lawnmower. The longer the grass blade, the stronger the roots. Longer blades provide more shade to the root systems, which helps them grow in hot temperatures. When you mow the lawn, leave the grass trimmings on the yard.

Use Fertilizer to Maintain a Healthy Summer Lawn

Properly applying fertilizer helps your grass stay green as temperatures rise. As you apply the fertilizer, spread the fertilizer evenly over your lawn, and be careful not to over-fertilize. Over-fertilizing your lawn can cause the grass to turn brown. To prevent overgrowth, use a fertilizer with lower nitrogen content.

Remove Weeds

Catch weeds early to keep your lawn healthy in the summer. Pay close attention to any areas where weeds are taking root. Pulling smaller weeds manually is more effective than applying a weed killer to your entire lawn to treat a small area. If weeds are taking over larger areas, treating the lawn with herbicide is necessary.

Pick Up After Your Pets to Maintain a Healthy Summer Lawn

Nothing kills grass more quickly than repeated soiling from pet use. Animal waste causes over-fertilization of the spots on your lawn that creates yellow or brown-looking grass. The hot summer sun can amplify its effect. Frequent removal of pet waste, especially in the summer, prevents spots on your grass from becoming discolored.

Keeping up with your lawn’s needs in the summer isn’t difficult when you know what to do. Following the tips above will help your lawn’s curb appeal.

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