Buyers and sellers alike find that they can benefit from having the expert opinion of a neutral third-party professional inspector. Homebuyers should get an inspection on an older home, but it also makes sense to get a home inspection on new construction. Here are five ways that a home inspection can benefit you.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Finds Substandard Work

The earlier you can find a problem with a house, the better. Doors that are poorly installed will warp as the weather changes. If loose siding panels or shingles are discovered in the inspection, it is better to repair them before more damage occurs.

Defective materials can be detected even before they start to cause difficulties. A home inspection will also determine whether systems like the water heater and HVAC are properly sized and operating normally. It will identify any problems with plumbing and electrical systems before leaks, short circuits, or other issues emerge.

Inspections Give Time for Corrections

A home inspection on new construction may also catch oversights and errors by the contractor in time for any repairs. Many deficiencies could go undetected until years later, by which time the contractor may not be available to address it, and also won’t be responsible for it. On the other hand, when these problems are detected early on, it is usually the responsibility of the builder to fix them. It is also much easier to match materials and paints if a problem is identified before those products are discontinued or changed.

A Home Inspection on New Construction Prevents Code Holdups

In addition to construction deficiencies, there can also be code violations in a new home. These can create a problem with getting an occupancy permit from the city or county. With a home inspection, the issue may be detected before you or your buyer discovers that it’s not possible to move into the house right away, giving everyone time to correct any deficiencies before the municipal inspector comes. This will eliminate the need for return trips by enforcement officials, saving time and perhaps some money, too.

Home Inspections May Deter Cutting Corners

In addition to discovering deficiencies that made it past the contractor, home inspections can also keep mistakes from happening in the first place. The knowledge that an inspection is coming might be enough to deter a subcontractor from cutting corners. In this way, a home inspection on new construction can keep a problem from happening in the first place.

Inspection Reports Serve as Reference Documents

When a new construction home inspection is performed, it documents the current condition of the home. This can be very important later on if issues are discovered because the home should be inspected again after any repairs. A buyer can compare the first and second inspections to determine how long a particular issue may have existed. The inspector will also estimate the age of major systems like the furnace when other documentation is not available.

A home inspection on new construction protects both the buyer by documenting the home’s condition and providing a third-party assessment of the home’s condition and quality. It also prevents and documents any problems and allows them to be corrected while the necessary contractors and materials are still available.

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