Are you planning to paint your home but aren’t sure how to do a good job? Painting may seem easy, but it has challenges. For a successful outcome, here are five easy ways to paint like a pro.

1) Inspect the Walls Carefully

If the wall or surface you are painting is textured, use a thicker nap on your roller cover for better coverage. When inspecting the surface, look for flaking, cracking, or peeling so that you can prepare them by sanding, scraping, and cleaning them. Use a damp cloth to clean all areas and surfaces you are painting so that the primer and paint will bond better.

2) Cover and Remove Items to Paint Like a Pro

Painting can be very messy. Floors, hardware, furniture, appliances, doorknobs, and other items should be covered or removed before painting. It’s best to remove outlet covers and light switches to avoid getting paint on them. This step is crucial if you want to paint like a pro.

3) Use a Primer and Box the Paint

Another way to paint like a pro is to use a primer first and box the paint before applying it on your wall or surface. Using a primer on a smooth and clean surface will give the paint a long-lasting bond. Boxing the paint means combining all the paint in a single large container and mixing it thoroughly so that the color will be consistent throughout.

4) Use Quality Tools and Paint Properly

Quality roller covers, brushes, and painter’s tape will significantly help you achieve professional-looking results. Once you have done all the necessary inspections and preparations, start painting from top to bottom. Once your first coat is on, wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Apply the roller in a “W” shape to get a smooth finish.

5) Paint Like a Pro During the Dry Season

Dry weather is the best time to paint. The dry weather will help paint dry more quickly and prevent dripping. If you have to paint when it is raining or humid, make sure that you take your time and let the coats dry completely before applying another.

Painting your home can be challenging and messy. However, you can paint like a pro if you follow these five easy tips.

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