Are you wanting to improve your outdoor space? Think about how you use the deck or patio, what it is lacking, and how it could be more appealing and functional. If you have loose boards they should be repaired or replaced for safety. If the paint is old and peeling, sand it down and give it a fresh coat. Look for projects that aren’t difficult or expensive to complete, but that make a big impact. Here are 3 deck and patio ideas to consider.

Materials for Deck and Patio Ideas

The cost of materials for home improvement projects can add up quickly. Try to find inexpensive materials that look nice and hold up well. One idea is to use pallets. Pallets in good condition make a great rustic privacy wall on a deck or patio. Paint or stain the wood to make it last longer and look more attractive. Businesses often give pallets away for free if you pick them up.

Look online for low-cost or free materials you can use for your deck and patio updates. Some homeowners have unneeded bricks, decorative tiles, and other supplies that they will give away or sell at an affordable price. You can save a lot of money by using salvaged materials.

Get Creative

Look online for inspiration when it comes to deck and patio ideas. Add a swing or hammock. Repurpose items from your home that you no longer need by using them outdoors, as long as they can be weather-proofed. Add an outdoor rug and some solar lights to make the area feel more inviting.

Overhead Cover

With a cover overhead, you can use your outdoor space in most types of weather. Consider installing a retractable awning so you can open up the space during mild, nice weather.  A covered area allows you to be comfortable outside on the deck or patio when it is hot and sunny or raining. It also helps to protect your outdoor furniture.

Deck and Patio Ideas: Hire a Contractor

Many deck and patio updates can be done on your own without much time or money involved. Hire a contractor for more difficult projects that involve adding to the structure or electrical work. Always get a free estimate for the cost of materials and labor before making a hiring decision.

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