Add more usable square footage and boost your property value by converting your basement into a livable space. Your family will enjoy the additional room and you’ll see a return on your investment if you ever decide to sell the home. Let’s look at some ideas for upgrading your basement.

Add a Guest Bedroom When Converting Your Basement

Build an extra bedroom in the basement to accommodate houseguests or a teenager who wants his or her own space. If your basement has windows, design the bedroom to take advantage of natural light.

When dealing with a smaller space, get creative with under-the-bed and wall storage solutions. Furnish a larger guestroom with a comfortable reading chair, desk, television, and sitting area with a table.

Home Office

The basement is separate from the rest of the home and makes a perfect location for a home office. You’ll have a dedicated place to work downstairs while still being close to family and the conveniences of home.

Use an area with good natural lighting and add table lamps. Being able to adjust the light in the office is essential to reduce eye strain and make the space feel comfortable. Choose a functional desk and comfortable chair. Install a bookcase, printer stand, and work table. If you spend a lot of time in your office, consider installing a mini-fridge and storage for snacks.

Create a Home Theater When Converting Your Basement

A home theater is a popular choice for families and movie lovers, and a dark basement is a perfect place for a theater. Hang a large, flat-screen television on the wall or install a screen and projector. Add comfortable recliners and love seats or, for authenticity, purchase seats from an old movie theater.

LED rope lighting is great to install along the baseboard of your theater. It will provide enough illumination that you can see to navigate the space without interrupting the movie by turning on a light.

Build a Game Room

Another great choice for converting your basement space is to use the area as a game room. For the kids, purchase a foosball table and an arcade game or two. Adults might enjoy a game room with a wet bar and pool table. Add a room-size rug, comfortable seating, and a sound system to enjoy music while you’re spending time downstairs.

Converting your basement will add to the value and functionality of your home. Choose an idea that appeals to you and your family and you’ll have a new space that everyone can enjoy.

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