When you are about to welcome a new baby, you want to make sure the house is safe well before the baby arrives. Babyproofing reduces the risk of a child experiencing an injury in the house. Whether you’re expecting a newborn or you have friends with small children, here are some tips to babyproof the home.

Babyproof the Stairs in Your Home

Place baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs or in the doorways of rooms you don’t want little ones to access. These gates help prevent babies from playing on the stairs or exploring unsupervised areas of the home.

Cover Electrical Outlets to Babyproof the Home

Install covers over your electrical outlets to keep babies and toddlers from sticking things into them. These covers prevent electric shock and keep your kids safe.

Anchor the TV to the Wall

Mount your television to the wall instead of using a TV stand. Curious kids may accidentally pull the TV over and having it out of their reach will prevent that. Protect the wires with cord covers. These hide cords away and keep them out of a child’s reach.

Install Screens on Fireplaces to Babyproof Your Home

If your home has a fireplace, install screens or glass doors to keep curious kids away. You might also add a cushioned bumper around the brickwork to protect crawlers and toddlers from bumping their heads.

Making the Kitchen Safe

Our kitchens are especially dangerous for young children since they typically contain household chemicals, knives, and appliances. Secure cabinets and drawers by adding childproof locks so they cannot be opened easily. Move appliances and their cords out of reach.

Use a Locking Garbage Can

Children are curious. Purchase a locking trash can to keep kids out of the trash. You’ll help avoid a mess in the kitchen. Alternatively, store the garbage bin in a cabinet or closet that you can close. Add a childproof lock for extra protection.

Install Screens on the Windows

If your windows don’t have screens, add them. A screen can prevent your child from falling out of an open window. Make sure the screens are sturdy enough to handle pressure. Don’t open windows completely and keep furniture away from open windows. Young children may climb on nearby furniture to access the window.

Keep the Crib Safe While Babyproofing Your Home

Your baby’s crib should be placed away from furniture and windows. Furniture and fixtures that are too close to the crib allow babies and toddlers to use them to escape the crib. Make sure that window blind cords and lampshades are not within reach of the crib.

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