Homeowners have goals to improve their homes based on their preferences and needs. When planning home improvement projects, also consider the return on investment. For some projects with a high return on investment, you can recoup almost the full cost of the project. Here are 5 projects that add value to your home.

Landscaping Projects Add Value to Your Home

Landscaping boosts your property’s value, especially when the job is professional and well-executed. Installing large bushes and ground-covering plants helps reduce maintenance because they shade the ground and prevent weeds from popping up.

Choose perennial plants that grow back year after year for a lasting landscape design. Drought-resistant varieties that need less water will help you save money on your water bill and don’t need much maintenance.

Painting the Interior

Repainting walls covers up blemishes and helps the interior look clean and bright. Generally, light and neutral colors are the most universally pleasing and are good choices if you plan to sell your home. While you want to get the best ROI from this project, it is still worth it to buy premium paint and high-quality tools for the best results.

Kitchen Upgrades Add Value to Your Home

Kitchens matter when it comes to the value of the home. A home may be large with other desirable features, but if the kitchen is outdated, it will turn off potential buyers. A full kitchen remodel is very expensive, which makes the overall ROI less.

By making just a few impactful changes to your kitchen, you are more likely to recoup the costs in home value. Pinpoint the areas of the kitchen that most need improvement and make those changes, whether it is new countertops, updated appliances, or refinished cabinets.

New Front Door

The front door is a project with a great return on investment because the initial costs are low. If you already have a quality steel door, you can simply buy a small can of paint to give it a new color. A vivid hue that complements your home makes a great choice for the front door. It stands out and draws focus to the entryway.

Replace the Windows

Old windows are undesirable for homeowners because they waste energy. Conditioned warm or cool air leaks out of drafty windows and makes your HVAC system work harder. Replacing the windows not only improves curb appeal and appearance but also helps to reduce energy bills, making it easy to gain back most of your investment over time.

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